Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn’t listed below? Contact us with your question/enquiry and we will do our best to assist you.

Does MOST provide In-Person Training?

Definitely, yes! While MOST provides Online Training for almost all of its offered courses, we also provide In-Person Training for those who prefer it. Individual or Group Training is available in this mode. In fact, Groups may be eligible for a discounted rate. Contact us to find out more.

Can MOST train at our place of business?

Yes, in most circumstances. Please inform MOST of the proposed training location before booking, and we will determine its suitability.

What do I need to bring?

For In-person Training, usually a notepad and pen is all you need – MOST will supply the rest, and/or advise of any extra requirements. Previous course notes and handouts are also useful. For online training, we recommend you choose a location with minimal or no distractions so as not to affect your concentration during the training.

What are my payment options?

MOST recommends payment by Direct Deposit or PayPal, but can accept other forms of payment by prior arrangement. Course fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of training. A receipt will be provided by MOST once payment has been made.

Can I pause my Online Training and complete it a later time?

There is no ‘pause’ button for the Online Training courses, but it is possible to leave it open on the computer to handle anything that needs attention, and then return to complete it. However, we recommend that you complete the module once it’s started.

What if I don’t understanding something in the course?

MOST is committed to providing the assistance needed to satisfactorily complete your training. If you need assistance during Online Training, you can email MOST with your question and we will respond ASAP. Photos and/or screenshots can be attached to illustrate the problem (maximum size 1Mb for all attachments). MOST also has phone and SMS support available.

Where are my training qualifications recognised?

In partnership with and under the auspices of Allens Training Pty Ltd (RTO #90909), MOST provides qualifications recognised throughout Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework. They meet the standards determined by government and industry panels and are recognised by workplaces and all Australian Registered Training Organisations.

How long after the course is complete will I get my qualification?

MOST will issue an interim certificate immediately upon the conclusion of your training. The official qualification will be sent to your nominated postal address within 18 (eighteen) business days. Please wait for this period to elapse before contacting MOST.

Am I able to cancel my course? If so, can I get a refund?

MOST recognises that unforeseen circumstances can arise after your course commences, having a negative impact on your training. If you need to cancel your course, please provide written notice to MOST outlining the reasons for your cancellation. A refund of fees, minus administration charges, is possible only if such notice is received 5 (five) business days prior to the courses completion date, and only then if the reason for cancellation is accepted by MOST.

Unsatisfactory performance and/or failure to achieve Competency in the course without valid explanation will not be accepted by MOST as a valid reason for a refund.

What is a White Card, and why do I need one?

Previously known as the Blue Card, the White Card is evidence of your passing a compliant Construction Workplace Health and Safety course. Queensland law requires that anyone entering a Queensland construction site must have a White Card. At present, the White Card has no expiry date but failing to present one whilst on site can incur massive penalties. Why risk it? Get your White Card today!

I have previously completed a Blue/White Card course but have since lost the card. Can I get a replacement?

MOST can assist you in obtaining a replacement. Please contact us to provide more information.

I am a Sole Trader and/or own a Small Business. Do I need to worry about Health and Safety?

Yes! No matter what size your business may be – even just you by yourself – it is essential to monitor the Health and Safety practices in your workplace. Taking all reasonable measures in this regard will ensure that you and your employees remain safe at work. Safe Workers are effective and productive workers, so any costs towards training and Health and Safety procedures will pay for themselves several times over by the short and long term benefits that come from a Healthy and Safe Workplace.

Why are Risk Assessments so important?

Assessing Health and Safety risks puts your business in control, minimising the risk of Workplace Accidents. The injuries sustained in such accidents can cause ill health, permanent disability or even loss of life to yourself, your employees, and members of the public. What’s more, the cost to your business from reduced productivity, damaged equipment, insurance costs and court fees can expand rapidly. Assessing the Health and Safety risks in your workplace will allow you to put controls in place so as to minimise or even eliminate the risk of Workplace Accidents.

I am Workplace Health and Safety Officer. Would I benefit from taking the Certificate IV in Work, Health and Safety?

Absolutely! With the upcoming OHS National harmonisation of legislation due by the end of 2011, all existing WHOSOs will need to do this course. The CertIV OHS will expand upon your existing skills and knowledge and help you contribute even more towards a safer workplace.